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Rug Cleaning and Hand Wash

Our professional rug cleaning department will determine the right treatment and care required to clean your rug. Over time, dust becomes embedded in the fibers of a rug, even when the piece hangs on the wall. Fringes can become soiled and disheveled, and colors can become dull under an accumulation of dust and dirt.

Before any cleaning is done, we pre-inspect for any tears or damage which could be worsened by the cleaning process.

Any necessary repairs are done to restore the integrity of the rug. Next, the piece is dusted. It is passed through a state-of-the-art dusting machine to loosen and remove any particles from the interior and surface of the rug. The rug is then submerged in fresh water and a specially formulated solution to ensure the dyes are unharmed.

We use additional, special care when handling fine collector pieces or antiques. Hand-brush methods are used to preserve the delicate structure and pile of the rug.

After a final rinse, the rug is hung in a specially designed drying room. A controlled climate and combination of fans allows for quick, clean drying. The final step is a meticulous cleaning of the fringe, restoring it to its original color and luster. A professional cleaning  will preserve and enhance the look and value of your rugs. Our specialized process of care and cleaning will allow your rug to last for years longer. 

Stain Removal:
Heavy stains can be caused by everything from foot traffic to spills to owning a pet. If your rugs are heavily stained, over-the-counter products probably won't work and may, actually, cause more harm than good. We are equipped to tackle even the toughest stains, like wine, coffee, oil, and malodorous pet stains.

Pet Odor Removal:

With pet stains, such as urine, we use the following process:

• Decontamination of urine-soaked areas
• Disinfection and sanitization
• Complete odor removal using special enzymes
• Deodorization that will refresh your home with a subtle and pleasant scent.